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    Dandiya & Garba Events in Raipur 2023 – Navratri Special

    Dandiya & Garba Events in Raipur 2023: The nine nights of Navratri are filled with festivities, dancing, and joy! Dandiya nights are held in a number of places during this period, which is one of the highlights of this period. There’s no need to fly to Ahmedabad just to experience the garba atmosphere. Here in our raipur city is hosting tons of exciting dandiya events nights this year, so you can dance the night away here in Raipur. Bring your entire tribe along to these fun events in snazzy ghagra & choli or kurta-dhoti!

    RAS GARBA 2023: Hotel Grand Imperia

    One of Raipur’s most anticipated Ras Garba celebrations and exciting Garba Events in Raipur 2023.

    Continuing the success of last year’s Garba, we are honoured to again host it at the Hotel Grand Imperia.

    When | Sat 21 Oct 2023 – Mon 23 Oct 2023

    Where | Hotel Grand Imperia: Raipur

    Timings | 8 PM Onwards

    Entry | Paid : Book Ticket From Here

    Raas Garba 2023: Shristi Lawns & Banquet

    For four nights of non-stop fun and entertainment, join us at “Shristi Lawns & Banquet” if you love Raas Garba and want to enjoy it with friends and family. Arrangements have been made for a spacious and beautiful venue for you to celebrate Dandiya Events in Raipur 2023 and dance your heart out. Our music lineup includes some of the best singers and musicians, and we’re keeping you energized throughout the night with delicious food and refreshments.

    When | Thu 19 Oct 2023 – Sun 22 Oct 2023

    Where | Shristi Lawns and Banquet: Raipur

    Timings | 8 PM Onwards

    Entry | Paid : Book Ticket From Here


    Welcome to Area 36’s electrifying extravaganza – Garba and Bollywood Night! For two nights, on the 19th and 20th, experience the cultural essence of Gujarat with our exhilarating Dandiya and Garba Nights. Embrace the traditional beats and dance to your heart’s content. Following this, indulge in the fusion of tradition and modernity with our unique BollyGarba nights on the 21st and 22nd. Let the Bollywood tunes blend seamlessly with the garba rhythms, promising an unforgettable dance experience. So, wear your most colorful attire, grab your dandiyas, and join us for a celebration where heritage and Bollywood meet, creating magical moments that will linger in your heart. Get ready to dance under the stars and make memories that last a lifetime!

    When | Thu 19 Oct 2023 – Sun 22 Oct 2023

    Where | Area 36 Club: Raipur

    Timings | 8 PM Onwards

    Entry | Paid : Book Ticket From Here


    Free dandiya events in Raipur:

    BTI Ground, Shankar Nagar Raipur: Free Place for Dandiya

    Celebrate the joyous spirit of Navratri at BTI Ground in Raipur, where an electrifying atmosphere awaits you at the free dandiya events. Gather your friends and family for a night filled with lively music, vibrant dances, and the clinking of dandiya sticks. The BTI Ground promises a memorable experience, where the beats of tradition echo under the starlit sky. Join the enthusiastic crowd, revel in the cultural festivities, and immerse yourself in the rhythmic charm of dandiya. Don’t miss this chance to dance to your heart’s content, creating cherished memories amidst the infectious energy of the crowd. See you there for an unforgettable night of fun and camaraderie!

    So, wear your best clothes, pick up those dandiya sticks, and get ready to dance the night away with your loved ones! Join us in this festive extravaganza, where the rhythm of tradition meets the energy of Bollywood. For more information and updates on Dandiya and Garba Night events in Raipur, visit our website daily. Stay tuned to discover the latest announcements, performers, and special surprises that await you. Let’s create memories together at Area 36’s Garba and Bollywood Night, where the joy of dance and the spirit of celebration unite!


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