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    List of Top NGO in Raipur, Chhattisgarh For Children, Women, Education, Animals & More

    NGO in Raipur: You can find the most comprehensive list of active NGOs in Raipur 2023, located in the state of Chhattisgarh. The role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in society is crucial in providing much-needed support to those in need. Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh, is no exception to this. The city is home to many NGOs that work tirelessly to improve the lives of its residents. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at NGO in Raipur and the impact they have had on the city and its people.

    NGOs in Raipur 2023, Chhattisgarh

    According to data from the National NGO Registry, there are over 500 NGOs operating in Raipur. These organizations work in a variety of fields, including education, healthcare, social welfare, and the environment. Some of the notable NGOs in Raipur include:

    List of the Best NGOs in Raipur

    • Aakanksha Lions School for Mentally Handicapped (Mandbuddhi Bachcho Ka Vishesh Vidyalay)

    Avanti Vihar Raipur (C.G.)

    Email : reachus[at]aakankshaindia[dot]org
    Phone : 0771-4035441
    Website Link : http://aakankshaindia.org/
    Category/Type: State Grant

    • Adarshadeep Akshamata Punarvas Kendr (Bahuseva Kendra)

    Near Kabir Nagar Police Station Kabir Nagar Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 7415005758
    Category/Type: State Grant

    braille Press Raipur

    braille Press Raipur

    Category/Type: NGO

    Children NGO in raipur

    • Chhattisgarh Bal Evam Vridh Kalyan Parishad (Vridh Ashram Sanchalan)

    Mana Camp, Near Police Station Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 9907141962
    Category/Type: Central Grant

    • kopalvaani Baal Kalyaan Sangathan

    Sundar Nagar Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 8109015474
    Category/Type: State Grant

    • Shasakiya Asthi Badhit Baal Graha

    Mana Camp Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 9425522939
    Category/Type: Government organization

    Divyang NGO in raipur

    • Divyang Mahavidylay

    Matthapurana Raipur (C.G.)

    Category/Type: Government organization

    Graat Root Society (Bahuseva Kendra Sanchalan)

    872, Sundar Nagar Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 9229441515
    Category/Type: State Grant

    • National Association for the Blind
    • Shravan Mook Vikalaang, Abhibhaavak Sangh Pragya Mook Badhir Shaala

    Madhavrao Sapre Shala Complex Budhapara, Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 9425517485
    Category/Type: State Grant


    Phone : 9425203953
    Category/Type: State Grant

    • Physical Referral Rehabilitation Center (Artificial Limb Construction Center)

    Mana Camp Raipur

    Category/Type: NGO

    • Rajya Sansadhan Punarvas Kendra

    Mana Camp Raipur (C.G.)

    Category/Type: Government organization

    Education ngo in raipur

    • Saamaajik Evam Shaikshanik Sansthaan (Bahuseva Kendra)

    Ring Road No. 1 Kushalpur Chowk Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 9229112203
    Category/Type: State Grant

    • Sachiv Aparaajita Foundation Mahaaveer Vidhaalay (Bahuseva Kendra)

    Gudriari Raipur (CG)

    Phone : 9300045200
    Category/Type: State Grant

    • Sankalp Sanskritik Samiti (Nasha Mukti Kendra)

    Kailash Residency, Meera Datar Road, , Near Bottle House, Shanker Nagar, Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 9826516271
    Category/Type: Central Grant

    • Self Reliance Center

    Self Reliance Center

    Phone : 9425522939
    Category/Type: NGO

    • Seva Niketan (Apango ka Punarvas Kendra)

    Cheri-Khedi, Raipur (C.G.) 492001

    Phone : 9893185659
    Category/Type: State Grant

    • Shaasakiya Bahu Vikalang Grah

    Mana Camp Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 9926751686
    Category/Type: Government organization

    • Shasakiya Drishti Evam Shravan Badhitarth Vidyalay

    Mathpurena Raipur

    Phone : 9754342211
    Category/Type: Government organization

    • Shasakiya Manasik Roop Se Avikasit Baal Grah

    Mana Camp Raipur (C.G.)

    Phone : 7587133075
    Category/Type: Government organization

    Final Words

    Hopefully you know the best NGO in Raipur. There are many ngo in the Raipur. Currently, we are updating the list. Please contact us if you would like your NGO to be added to the list.

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