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    Chhattisgarhiya Olympics 2022-23 – Sports List, Age, Schedule, Price

    Chhattisgarhiya Olympics 2022-23 At The Village Level Will Be Organized By The Chhattisgarhiya Government In The State Of Chhattisgarh To Promote State And Local Sports. We have released all the procedures and activities required for this. Each zone has also been assigned a nodal officer.

    We Would Like To Let You Know That Participants Above the Age Of 40 Will Be Able To Participate In This Chhattisgarh Olympic Games (Chhattisgarhiya Olympics 2022-23). Participants in the state’s level are taking part in the competition. Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club is hosting the Chhattisgarhiya Olympics 2022-23. The Zone will compete in the next phase. A district level match will be played first followed by a Vikaskhand level match, a Sambhag level match, and then a state level match.

    CG Chhattisgarhiya Olympic Registration Process

    Registration for the CG Chhattisgarhiya Olympics 2022-23 will require the following documents.

    Rajiv Yuva Club located in the panchayat will require a copy of the Aadhaar card or voter ID as an identity card. Afterward, the Chhattisgarh Olympic registration process will begin.

    Chhattisgarhiya Olympic 2022-23: What sports are presented at the competition?

    An Olympic Games have been organized in Chhattisgarh featuring 14 traditional sports.

    Chhattisgarhiya Olympic Sports List

    Gilli Danda, Pittul, Sankhali, Gedhi Doudh, Langadhi Doudh, Gedhi Daudh, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Rassakassi, Bati, Billush, Fugadhi, Bhawara, 100 Meter Daud, Lamhi Kud.

    Chhattisgarhiya Olympic Age Limit

    In the Chhattisgarhiya Olympics, one must be at least three years old and 18 years old, and older than 40 years old can participate.

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